Trivial is a site for unlimited problem practice and other learning features, based on the vast database of the Art of Problem Solving Wiki. We started it in 2020, after frustration at how inconvenient and expensive preparing for exams like the AMC could be.

At its core, Trivial provides tools to efficiently get and practice solving problems, either one-by-one or in sets. In addition to the many options for filtering and finding problems, there are also various helpful features loosely inspired by resources like Alcumus and IXL, including answer checking and problem streaks. For both problems and articles we have full search and history functionality, plus a print-friendly layout.

People use Trivial for various purposes, whether it’s preparing for large upcoming competitions like the AMC or sharpening math skills over the summer. Tens of thousands of learners from over a hundred countries have used Trivial — we hope you’ll find it essential in your own studies!


This site is designed and maintained by Andi Chang with help from the Trivial team of volunteers on Github and Discord, and built using the libraries: jQuery, Tagify, Ion.RangeSlider, KaTeX, Clipboard.js, & Vega, as well as icons from Entypo. Please contact us for any further inquiries.

Article and problem text obtained from the Art of Problem Solving Wiki.

AMC problems are copyrighted by the Mathematical Association of America.